1.11 People and Machines

Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/08/Christina_Novelli_Selfie.jpg
Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/08/Christina_Novelli_Selfie.jpg

The use of IT systems brings significant advantages, for instance in ease of use, being available 24/7, or through its use rather than exposing humans to a potentially hazardous environment. However, this can raise concerns about the rate at which technology is being introduced and issues that may arise from insufficient testing in critical situations such as air traffic control. The ultimate fear of many people is that future systems will be programmed to make decisions that would be better taken by humans, such as the decision to deploy nuclear weapons.

There are also social impacts such as internet addiction, where people feel that they can never get away from IT and are trapped on a “digital treadmill”.

Source: Information technology in a global society guide. 2012 onward.

Learning Goals
ANALYSE a scenario using the ITGS triangle:
IDENTIFY the stakeholders involved.
IDENTIFY the relevant information technology.
EXPLAIN the social impacts.
EXPLAIN the ethical issues.

Learning Resources
ITGS Key Terms
ITGSopedia 1.11 People and Machines
ITGS Textbook People and Machines

Relevant Articles and Videos
The ITGS Diigo Global Tagging System tags for 1.11 is

Required Reading
Information Technology in a Global Society, Stuart Gray. 1st Edition. © 2012 Stuart Gray. ISBN 9781468023619. Pages 4-6, 267. This textbook has been developed independently of the International Baccalaureate ® This book was written specifically for the ITGS course, covering technical systems, social impacts and ethical issues, and each area of application.

Digital Planet: Tomorrow’s Technology And You, George and Ben Beekman. 10th Edition. © 2012 Pearson Education. ISBN 9780132091251.
Page 344.This book explains how various technologies work, how they are used to solve problems and extend human capabilities, and how our ever-growing network of digital devices affect our lives, our world, and our future.

Gift of Fire, Sara Baase. 4th Edition. (C) 2013 Pearson Education. ISBN 978013249267-6.
Pages 1-15. This book examines the Social, Legal, and Ethical issues related to Computing Technologies.

Learning Activities

1.11A Diigo Tagged Articles
Tag at least 3 recent articles to the HHS ITGS Diigo Group that EVALUATE issues related to People and Machines using the
1.11_people_machines tag. Be prepared to DISCUSS how the ITGS issue 1.11 (People & Machines) from one of your tagged articles has facilitated both social impacts and ethical issues . Offer a considered and balanced review that includes a range of arguments, factors, or hypotheses. Opinions or conclusions should be presented clearly and supported by appropriate cited evidence. A web based visual aid may be used to enhance the discussion (Google Slides, Prezi, Concept Map, etc.) Refer to the Analyzing ITGS situations diagram to guide the social impact and ethical issue areas of your discussion [20 marks possible].

1.11A Marking Scheme
Diigo Tagged articles 12/12
Discussion 8/8
Total Marks Possible: 20/20

1.11B Article Analysis
Open the ITGS Triangle Article Analysis Template. Click File>Make a Copy. Rename Your Last Name 1.11B. Complete an analysis on ONE of the articles that were tagged 1.11_people_machines during activity 1.11A. Ensure that you have used and bolded ITGS key terms throughout your responses and that all sources have been cited appropriately. Change the sharing settings to "anyone with the link can EDIT" and submit via Edmodo (1.11B) when you have finished. [33 marks possible]