1.7 Surveillance

Source: http://jasonfarman.com/dcc106/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/surveillance-monitors.jpg
Source: http://jasonfarman.com/dcc106/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/surveillance-monitors.jpg

Surveillance is the use of IT to monitor the actions of people. For example, monitoring may be used to track, record and assess employees’ performance. It can be used to support claims for promotion or to ensure that employees follow the organization’s internet policy appropriately

Source: Information technology in a global society guide. 2012 onward.

Learning Goals

EXPLAIN the social impacts caused by surveillance.
EXPLAIN the ethical issues facilitated by surveillance technology.
DESCRIBE how various surveillance IT systems work (input, output, processing).

Learning Resources

ITGSopedia Survelliance
ITGS Textbook Survelliance

HHS ITGS Diigo Tagged Resources

Required Reading

Gift of Fire, Sara Baase. 4th Edition. (C) 2013 Pearson Education. ISBN 978013249267-6.
Pages 51, 53, 62, 63-65, 68-70, 79-82, 115, 167-168, 258, 303-304. This book examines the Social, Legal, and Ethical issues related to Computing Technologies.

Learning Activities

Find and tag an appropriate article with the 1.7_surveillance global tag. Ensure that your article has not already been tagged to the HHS ITGS group.
Read the article and complete a triangle analysis with the ITGS Triangle Analysis Template. Save as 1.7A Your Last Name. Submit via Edmodo (1.7A).

Design and develop a brief presentation to present (3-5 minutes) your analysis with the class. Begin the required GOF reading.

>>>IDENTIFY the stakeholder you have been assigned to act out on MONDAY from the list below.

Criminals: Yousuf, Elliot, Sydney, Irshad, Nitish, Nicole, Kashaf, Grace
Law Abiding Citizens for the cameras (including the families of crime victims): Abdallah, Tyler, Nick
Law Abiding Citizen against the cameras: Austin, Nyla, Swati, Jacob
Police: Liz, Katrina, Morgan, Nuha, Firas, Dakota, Veronica
Ross McNutt: Desi, Rishi, Likitha
Mayor and other Government Officials: Jalen, Kyle, Alex, Declan, Hala

>>>CRITICALLY LISTEN to the entire Radiolab Eye in the Sky podcast (approximately 30 minutes). If you do not have your own headphones there are some in the tall black filing cabinets in the back of the computer lab that you can borrow.

On Monday during class we will conduct a Take a Stance Roleplay DISCUSSION [12 marks]. I will lead a class wide debate/discussion that will allows each respective stakeholder an opportunity to share their unique perspective regarding Eye in the Sky. Prepare to DISCUSS the article from the perspective of your assigned stakeholder (see list above).

On a piece of notebook paper, using bullet points and ITGS Terminology, DESCRIBE how the Eye in the Sky IT System (depicted in the podcast) works. DUE before class starts MONDAY. [4 marks].

Watch Enemy of the State (film). Enemy of the State addresses the abuse of surveillance and database technology by government forces. Will Smith plays a lawyer who is traced down with sophisticated surveillance IT systems by NSA agents.

Complete the 1.7C Enemy of the State Group Film Analysis (we will complete this together as a class)

1.7D IT Systems
DESCRIBE how _ IT systems work. Include input, output, and processing.
  • GPS-Elliot,Dakota
  • Body Cameras, Veronica
  • Eye in the sky cameras,
  • Data Mining-Declan
  • Keystroke Logging
  • NSA Prism-Jalen
  • Wifi Data Mining-Morgan
  • License Scanners-Tyler
  • Facial Recognition-Liz
  • Wiretapping-Rishi
  • JLENS-Jacob
  • HAWKEYE2-Nick

1.7E Paper 2 Style Assessment [100 marks]