1.9 Policies

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Policies are enforceable measures intended to promote appropriate and discourage inappropriate use relating to information technologies. They can be developed by governments, businesses, private groups or individuals. They normally consist of rules governing access to, or use of, information, hardware, software and networks. For example, a school policy on the use of IT would consist of each user signing an acceptable use policy. It would also address unlawful access to the network through, for example, identify theft or using hacking software, and how these transgressions would be treated. Many websites also require users to agree to specific policies before allowing access to their services.

Policies also affect the exchange of information, for example, by making it subject to copyright laws and raising peoples awareness of plagiarism. In general, policies can promote or restrict access, guide behavior, require the fulfillment of certain conditions prior to or during use, or need to be developed to address unforeseen issues such as cyber-bullying.

Source: Information technology in a global society guide. 2012 onward.

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