3.11F Class of 2016
  • DESCRIBE the applications of intelligent computer systems (Ayzad and Katrina) (Irshad and Nicole).
  • EXPLAIN how "intelligent" behavior is created (Kyle and Kristen) (Grace and Nitish).
  • DISTINGUISH Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence (Sydney and Jalen) (Firas and Nyla).
  • DESCRIBE common applications of robots (Elliot) (Kashaf and Nick).
  • DESCRIBE the input and output devices used by robots (Yousuf) (Jacob, Rishi).
  • EXPLAIN the challenges faced by the designers of robots (Morgan) (Alex, Veronica).
  • DISCUSS the social impacts of intelligent robotic systems (Desi Positive Impacts, Tyler Negative Impacts) (Hala, Dakota).
  • EVALUATE the ethical implications of developing intelligent systems (Liz and Wameed) (Nuha, Likitha, and Swati).